Kristi Rae Wilson
The Haunting
The Monologue below is heard through the speakers of a 1970's Lazy Boy Chair. As the viewer sits and listens they are looking at a deer head on the wall which is lit by a lamp on a table below.

Time passes regardless of if you are moving or still. Take me for example. The day my spirit left my body I felt the breeze on my face and in my nostrils. I tasted the corn on my tongue and felt it crunch under my teeth. And then suddenly out of nowhere, something hit me hard, near the heart, in an artery. It tasted like I swallowed a tornado and all of my insides came crashing down. Until my tongue lay limp, sticking out, touching the ground.
I felt my fluids leave my body, all of my fluids. Including the last breadth I had took. Which seemed to float out and up to the sky. Where I saw the most beautiful, ten-point, albino, buck, named Joe. Joe informed me that I would indeed be spending the rest of my days in deer heaven. He showed me the ropes, introduced me to a few folks, and then I sat in on a lecture series of proper methods of haunting. The task was not difficult at first, for the father of the daughter who had killed me was very proud indeed. He had the head stuffed. The mother had the wonderful idea of hanging my head above the lamp in the living room. The daughter was mortified for the lamp cast a shadow and reflected a glassy stare that seemed to follow her. As a spirit I must explain. You can transform into objects and haunt a person through them. You have to practice becoming porous and allow your self to reshape. Some objects are easier than others. I first practiced getting settled into my old head. It was stuffy and with time smelled of nicotine smoke. Dust collected around the ears and nostrils. Time passed and the daughter moved away. The head was given to a distant relative who would resume care in the years to come. I continued to haunt the girl through the means of a chair. The chair was easier to transform into and it was convenient for haunting practices, for she sat quite often in the chair and would at times fall asleep. This allowed me to be in physical contact with her skin, which allowed me to enter into her dreams. In the most recent haunting I come to her in a dream. The phone rings. It’s the distant relative. They inform her that they will no longer be able to take care of the head and that it is being shipped to her. Time passes regardless of if you are moving or still.
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