Kristi Rae Wilson
Father Learns to Sew
Mixed Media
My father did his taxes last year and the tax office gave him some free t-shirts as a thank you/ promotional device for his service. My father decided that for functions sake he would remove an old pocket from an older worn out shirt and sew the pocket onto his new shirt. He told me about this and I decided I needed to check it out. Indeed it was just as he had explained. I thought it was a beautiful gesture and an honest approach to making. I fell in love with the shirt. I wanted it. So, I asked if I could have it. He could see my interest and this made him see a new value. He denied at first until he saw a burn hole at the top. He changed his mind and told me I could have this one because he had 6 more! Apparently he took the others to a local seamstress and had her sew white pockets onto the others. I decided to do a response project where I too sewed a pocket onto a free shirt.
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